About Dè Shema

Dè Shema is a nonprofit organization that accelerates positive social changes in rural Tibetan communities in Ganzi, Western Sichuan, China through funding grassroots women-led and women-focused initiatives in healthcare, education and leadership development. Two of our current main programs are women-led healthcare at Pende Clinic and scholarship program, that give scholarships to young women to pursue college education.

༈ Our Mission

Our mission is to support women and girls across rural communities in Ganzi and beyond by providing educational opportunities and improving access to quality of healthcare. We strive to strengthen their leadership capacity through trainings and workshops empowering them to have agency over their future. In our collaboration with local female change agents, we help assess their needs then connect them to the resources and global networks that will help them thrive and create transformative impact in their communities.  

༈ Our Vision

We envision every woman and girl worldwide having equal opportunities and resources to thrive and live life to the fullest. We imagine a world where every woman and girl is to discover her unique talents and abilities; find meaningful ways to serve; summon her courage to lead and engage with others; unleash her power to surmount obstacles; and catalyze her leadership abilities to create a ripple effect of impact in her town, her region and every corner of the world.