Our Approach

Our approach is community centered capacity building service. We are dedicated to working for and with local communities, discovering existing resources, investing in new opportunities for women and girls to explore and pursue their dreams. We are committed to learning about the issues from local women’s perspectives, finding financial means to support their needs; and collaborating together to strengthen and build sustainable communities in Ganzi and everywhere in China. 

Six important principles that Dè Shema adheres to

Every woman and girl is valued, honored, nurtured and empowered to take leadership roles 

 —Sustainable Service Leadership

Women and girls are the solution for world pressing issues; every woman and girl is born to be Dè Shema, as peace-builders, inventors, and creators of happiness, health and peace on this planet 

 —Inclusion of women’s leadership & Just communities

A transformative change in gender equality requires seeking collaborations and partnerships that aim for positive changes within the whole society

 —Social Justice & Community involvement

Creating opportunities for women & girls to design safe and healthy environments where they feel empowered and inspired to tap into their own creativity 

 —Value of creativity & Voice of women and girls 

Galvanizing our passion into a global movement, we will work with global leaders, grassroots community change agents, grassroots to transcend borders and create more positive, cooperative and equitable world

 — Cross border collaborations & Global Impact

Educational opportunities will lead to financial self-sufficiency, quality of life and gender equality

 — Education for Girls & Sustainable Social Change