After hearing the story of Pende Clinic and Ani menpa’s passion, a few of our close friends and families started giving donations. We are overwhelmingly grateful for everyone’s support and partnerships, especially strong partnership with Machik, a US based non-profit organization that incubates social innovation in Tibet. Within a short period of time, we have raised around $8, 416 for the Pende Clinic. The initial $3,000 was used to:

  • Build an 87-square-meter consultation room, the first at the clinic. It is designed to give women patients a safe and comfortable space to share their personal health concerns and issues
  • Purchase much-needed beds, chairs, and tables
  • Supplement medical supplies, such as blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, stethoscopes, etc.

The consultation room is urgently needed as previously there was only one room for the Ani menpas to examine and treat patients and store medicines.  This situation was unsustainable.  Now the new addition has greatly improved the Ani menpas’s capacity to provide better care to the villagers.


The new addition is divided into two rooms with the first room as the examination space where patients see the Ani menpas, safely receive their IV drips (which they previously received outside) and acupuncture treatments

The second room is a private space where women now feel comfortable, safe and secure to talk about their health issues and concerns. Previously, all patients sat on the cement sidewalk outside while waiting for treatment.


Ani menpas shared that this safe space has already encouraged female patients to engage longer consultations without fear of being overheard or interrupted.

The patients are very pleased with the comfortable, hygienic and safe space to freely address their personal health issues.

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