Meaning and symbolism of the Conch Shell:
Conch Shell (dun དུང་ in Tibetan)  is one of the eight auspicious symbols in Buddhism.
We have a Conch Shell in the middle, surrounded by Dè Shema (བདེ་བྱེད་མ ) in aesthetic Tibetan calligraphy in lotus flower shape, and the spiral tail of the conch shell is landed on Ma (མ)-mother in Tibetan.   
Our logo is designed by Tamding, a Tibetan Artist and Graphic Designer
The Conch Shell represents the sound of truth, far-reaching, deep, melodious, interpenetrating and pervasive sound that awakens people and urges them to accomplish works for the benefit and happiness of themselves and others. This sound gives people strength and will power to act on their instincts; courage enables them to speak their truth. 
The Conch Shell is understood as the source of all existence—“a cosmic womb” for when the conch is blown, it’s said to emulate the sound of Om (peace & happiness) in all directions of the universe.
Aside from the spiritual meaning and its symbolism, the conch shell’s significance has additional meaning. According to Tibetan culture, the blowing of a conch shell enhances the positive psychological vibrations such as courage, determination, hope, optimism, and will power in the blower as well as around her/him. 

Its profound meaning and symbolism reflects the essence of what Dè Shema is meant to do in this world, bringing extraordinary stories of ordinary women alive, encouraging, supporting, and empowering women and girls to speak their truth, shine their own unique ways and create transformative changes in their /our  communities around the world.