In the winter, the temperature in Ganzi can go below -27 Celsius (or more), about -16.6 Fahrenheit. This extreme level of cold disrupts the production of hydro-generated electricity, resulting in a lack of electricity for heat or cooking in the building and rooms in whichAni menpas (Women health care providers) resided.

We are thrilled to report that the Pende Clinic received a $3,000 donation in addition to the ongoing support of many individuals. This $3,000 gift has been used to purchase solar cookers that have been placed outdoors in the yard, and all Ani Menpas and patients can drink hot water and cook their food there in daily hours. 

During the night time, Ani menpas still  have to rely on using a stove to burn yak dung, the traditional heating, and cooking fuel in this region. 

They used some of the remaining funds to purchase a medicine cabinet in which to properly store medicines and then purchased Tibetan and Chinese medicines and other necessary medical supplies.

Next step will be to purchase a computer in which to store medical records of their patients. 

We hope to install adequate solar panels to take full advantage of clean energy in near future. We seek your generosity and support to purchase these panels for the Pende Clinic.  

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