Recently, we had the privilege to work with a professional nurse /midwife, who works with nomadic and semi-nomadic communities in Himalayan regions. We managed to conduct a week-long intensive training course at the Pende Clinic, focusing on understanding and providing prenatal care. The curriculum covered:

  1. Health and hygiene
  2. Nutrition and diet
  3. Anatomy and physiology
  4. Pregnancy
  5. Delivery and postnatal care
  6. Understanding the need for family planning

Ani menpas now want to take what they learned and build upon it. As childbirth emergencies are common in the surrounding communities, they want to organize workshops in rural communities on basic maternal health education, personal hygiene, nutrition & diet, and delivery and postnatal care.

Initially they will be focusing on gaining training to save maternal and infant lives.


To be effective in their work, Pende clinic urgently needs a western designated place to store and maintain sterile equipment for general dressings and treatment procedures, including minor surgeries.

Pende truly believes in the principle of “training the trainer.” So, we are seeking trainers to educate and give guidance in setting up the sterile facility and on how to maintain the sterile environment. We are in need of an expert who can train Ani menpas on basic surgery procedures and skills for recognition and management of delivery complications. We are also looking for partnerships and opportunities for Ani menpas to acquire western medicine skills.  

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